How many passengers can you take? 可以載幾個乘客?
This taxi can only take four passengers. 本車只能載4位乘客。
This is a no-smoking taxi. 本車不能抽菸。
Please don’t eat in the taxi. 請勿在車內吃東西。
Please don’t drink in the taxi. 請勿在車內喝飲料。
Sorry, but no pets are allowed in the taxi. 對不起,寵物不能上車。
Can I smoke in the taxi? 我可以在車內抽菸嗎?
Can you take one more passenger? 可以再多載一位乘客嗎?
Can I drink in the taxi? 我可以在車內喝飲料嗎?
Can I take my dog in the taxi? 我可以帶狗嗎?