It’s a nice day. 今天天氣不錯。
Can you speak English? 你會說英語嗎?
Can you speak Mandarin? 你會說中文嗎?
Please turn the air conditioner up. 麻煩冷氣開大一點。
Please turn the air conditioner down. 麻煩冷氣關小一點。
Please turn the radio up. 麻煩收音機開大聲一點。
Please turn the radio down. 麻煩收音機開小聲一點。
Please open the window. 請開窗。
Please close the window. 請關窗。
Fasten your seat-belt. 請繫安全帶。
Where would you like to get off? 請問要在哪下車?
What brings you to Taiwan? 什麼原因讓你想來台灣呢?
How long will you be in Taiwan? 你會在台灣待多久?
Are you here for business or for pleasure? 你來台灣是公事還是旅遊呢?