Do you have any suggestions? 有什麼建議?
What is there to see around here? 這附近有什麼好玩的?
What are you interested in? 你對什麼有興趣?
How much time do you have? 你有多少時間?
Where have you been so far? 你去過哪邊?
How long will you be staying here? 你要在這裡待多久?
Are you interested in outdoor activities? 你對戶外活動感興趣嗎?
Are you interested in indoor activities? 你對室內活動感興趣嗎?
Where are good places to eat? 哪裡有好吃的餐廳?
How about _____? 要不要試試 ____ ?
Where will you be staying? 你將會住在哪裡?
May I suggest staying at the __? 我可以建議你住在______嗎?
What brings you to Taiwan? 什麼原因讓你想來台灣呢?
May I suggest going to the ______? 我可以建議你去_______嗎?