North/South 北邊/南邊
East/West 東邊/西邊
Go straight 直走
Turn right 右轉
Turn left 左轉
I am lost. 我迷路了。
Give directions 報路
By train/bus/taxi/HSR 搭火車/公車/計程車/高鐵
By/on foot 走路
Visitor’s (tourist) information center 遊客中心
Get off 下車
On the corner of      and                轉角
Bus stop 公車站
Across from           的對面
You can find a tourist map at _____ 你可以在_________找到觀光地圖。
* Conversation Practice 1
Service Staff Hello! How may I help you? 你好!請問需要什麼服務?
Customer Can I find any food or beverage nearby? 附近有餐飲店嗎?
Service Staff
Yes. There are some restaurants and cafés not too far away from here.
Customer Can you please tell us how to get there? 可以告訴我要怎麼走?
Service Staff
Just go straight down this road and turn left at the traffic light.
Customer Great! Thank you. 謝謝。