return 退貨
refund policy 退貨規定
exchange 更換
receipt 收據
tax refund 退稅
validate 驗證
wrap 包裝
delivery 運送
bag 袋子
wrapping service 包裝服務
Would you like us to wrap it for you? 這需要包裝嗎?
Would you like a bag for this? 你需要袋子嗎?
* Conversation Practice 1
Customer Excuse me, can you help me? 不好意思,你可以幫我嗎?
Service Staff Yes, of course, what can I do for you? 當然,請問需要什麼?
I just bought this T-shirt this afternoon, but it doesn’t fit. It’s too small.
Service Staff Do you want to change it or get a refund? 你想要換一件還是退款呢?
I'd like to change it for a larger size. Do you have these in extra large?


Service Staff That will be 300 NT dollars.


Customer Do you accept credit cards? 可以刷卡嗎?
Service Staff No problem. 沒問題。
* Conversation Practice 2
Service Staff May I help you? 你好!請問需要什麼服務?
Customer I’d like to exchange this bottle for a blue one. 我想要換藍色水壺。
Service Staff Ok. Do you have the receipt? 好的。你有帶收據嗎?
Customer Yes. Here you are. 有的,在這裡。
Service Staff I am sorry. The blue are sold out.


Customer What color do you have now? 哪現在有哪些顏色?
Service Staff We have only black and white. 只有黑與白兩種顏色。
Customer I see. 了解。
* Conversation Practice 3
Service Staff Is this everything for you today? 今天要買的東西都在這裡?
Customer Yes. 是的。
Service Staff

Ok. It’s 300 NT dollars.
Would you like a bag for this?

好的。 總共是300元。
Customer No, thank you. I have my own shopping bag. 不用,謝謝。我有自己的購物袋。