expiry 保存期限
expiration date 保存期限
best before 保存期限
ingredients 成分
shopping basket 購物籃
checkout 付款
cashier/checkout counter 收銀檯
counter 櫃台
Keep refrigerated at       ℃. 請冷藏於        ℃。
keep frozen 請冷凍
spoil 腐敗
warranty 保固
fragile 易碎的
heavy 重物
Conversation Practice 1
Service Staff What can I do for you? 需要什麼?
I am looking for cough medicine. Do you have any recommendations?
Service Staff Sure, we have cough syrup and capsules. 有,我們有咳嗽藥水(糖漿)與膠囊。
Well, I would prefer the cough syrup. What's the expiration date? 

那我想要買咳嗽藥水。請問有效期限 到什麼時候?

Service Staff The expiration date is about 24 months. 保存期限大約兩年。
Ok, how should I store the syrup after opening the package?
Service Staff
It’s better to keep them refrigerated after opening them.
Customer Oh, I see. 我知道了。
* Conversation Practice 2
Customer Excuse me, where is the fitting room? 不好意思,請問試衣間在哪?
Service Staff It’s right behind you. 在你後面。
Customer Is this made from 100% cotton? 這是100%純棉的?
Service Staff Yes. 是的。
Customer Can I put it in the washer? 可以用洗衣機洗嗎?
Service Staff
Sure. Please follow the care instructions on the tag here. It has a "machine wash" symbol here.

是的,請參考標籤上的洗滌指示。 上面有可機器洗的圖案。

Customer I see. I’ll take this one. 我知道了。我買這件。