How much is it? 這要多少錢?
It’s              NT dollars. 總共是           元。
bill 鈔票
coin(s) 零錢
cash 現金
credit card 信用卡
receipt 收據、發票
change 找錢
Keep the change. 不用找了。
Your change is _______ NT dollars. 找你___________元。
service charge 服務費
tip 小費
promotion/on sale 促銷、特價
on sale 促銷、特價
discount 折扣
coupon 折價券
gift 贈品、禮品
souvenir 紀念品
How would you like to pay for them? 請問您要怎麼付款?
* Conversation Practice 1
Service Staff How may I help you? 請問需要什麼服務?
Customer How much is it? 這要多少錢?
Service Staff It’s 320 (three hundred and twenty) NT dollars. 320元。
Customer Do you accept credit cards? 可以刷卡嗎?
Service Staff Sorry, we only accept cash. 不好意思,我們只收現金。
Customer Ok! Thank you. 謝謝。
Service Staff You are welcome. 不客氣。
* Conversation Practice 2
Service Staff It’s 580 (five hundred and eighty) NT dollars. 總共是580元。
Customer Here is 600 (six hundred) NT dollars. 這是600元。
Service Staff Here is your change and receipt. 這是找錢跟收據(發票)。
Customer Please keep it. 不用找了。
Service Staff Thank you. Have a nice day. 謝謝。 祝你有美好的一天。
Customer You too. Good-bye! 你也是。再見!
* Conversation Practice 3
Service Staff Hi, are you looking for anything in particular? 你好! 你想要找什麼東西呢?
Customer What’s on sale today? 今天特價品是什麼?
Service Staff There is a 20% off on all women’s wear today. 我們的女裝今天打八折。
Customer How about those items? 那些東西有特價嗎?
Service Staff Sorry, those are new arrival items. 不好意思,那些都是新品。
Customer Too bad! 真可惜!
* Conversation Practice 4
Service Staff Hi! How may I help you? 您好! 請問需要什麼服務?
Customer Can I have the check, please? 麻煩結帳,謝謝。
Service Staff It’s 250 (two hundred and fifty) NT dollars. 總共是250元。
Customer Here is 215 (Two hundred and fifteen) NT dollars. 這是215元。
Service Staff Actually, it’s 250, not 215. 是250元,不是215元。

Oh, can you break a 1,000?

  I don’t have any smaller change. 我沒有小鈔。
Service Staff

No problem. From 1,000 NT...
your change is 750 NT dollars.

Customer Thank you. 謝謝。
Service Staff You are welcome. Good bye. 不客氣。再見。
* Conversation Practice 5
Service Staff Hello! How are you today? 你好! 你好嗎?
Customer Great! Thank you. 很好!謝謝。
Service Staff May I help you? 請問需要什麼服務?
Customer Is there a special discount for this? 請問這有特價嗎?
Service Staff

We are having a promotion,
buy two and get a special gift.

Customer That’s great! I’ll take two. 好極了!請給我兩個。
Service Staff That will be 300 NT dollars. 總共是300元。
Customer Do you accept credit cards? 可以刷卡嗎?
Service Staff We accept all major credit cards. 一般的信用卡我們都收。