Excuse me. 不好意思。
I don’t understand. 我不了解。
Could you please repeat it again? 請再重複一遍。
Please write it down here. 請寫下來。
Wait a moment please. 請等一下。
Can I see your piece of paper? 我可以看一下你的註記嗎?
Do you understand? 你了解嗎?
Do you speak Mandarin? 你會說中文嗎?
Do you speak English? 你說英語嗎?
I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. 不好意思,不懂你的意思。
I’m afraid I don’t follow you. 不好意思,不懂你的意思。
Would you mind explaining it again, please? 可以請你再解釋一遍嗎?
* Conversation Practice 1
Service Staff Hello! Good afternoon. 你好! 午安。
Customer Good afternoon. 午安。
Service Staff How may I help you? 請問需要什麼服務?
Customer Where is the restroom? 請問洗手間在哪?
Service Staff Excuse me? 不好意思,請再說一遍。
Customer Restroom. 洗手間。
Service Staff It’s on the second floor. 在二樓。
Customer Great! Thank you. 謝謝。
Service Staff My pleasure. 不客氣。